EMDR Intensive Therapy Sessions

crop unrecognizable female psychologist and patient discussing mental problems during session

EMDR Intensive Therapy Sessions

Free Spirit Counseling now offers EMDR Intensives!

For clients who are interested in working through trauma at a quicker, more intense pace we now offer EMDR Intensive therapy sessions. This means that phases 1-3 which are the preparatory sessions for EMDR are conducted normally over 3 sessions and phases 4-7 are conducted in one 2-3+ hour long session. We will have 1 -2 follow up sessions to check on the progress.


Sessions 1-3, and the follow up sessions may be able to be billed to your insurance however, due to length sessions are charged out of pocket

2 hour long sessions for $300.00

3 hour long sessions for $450.00

4 hour long sessions for $600.00

5 hour long sessions for $750.00

6 hour long sessions for $900.00

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